How to Replace Sliding Glass Doors' Rollers

How to Replace Sliding Glass Doors' Rollers

An aluminum frame glass sliding door not only allows more sunshine to lie on our interior space but also expands the interior space visually.

However, as time goes on, the sliding door works not well, because of the almost broken door rollers. In this article, I will teach you how to replace the door rollers and make the door works well again.

The Process of Replacing the Aluminum Glass Sliding Doors' Rollers

This is a universal replacing method that can be used to replace the rollers in most aluminum sliding glass doors without having to remove the sliding panel from the door frame.

Notice: most aluminum sliding glass doors usually use single-assembly rollers. Some house sliding doors are not. Therefore, the wisest idea to get the right and new rollers are to remove the rollers and take them to buy the replacement.

Clean the Track Before Replacing Your Aluminum Glass Sliding Doors' Rollers

Before replacing the aluminum metal sliding door rollers, you need to clean the sliding door track. If you are not, the built-up dirt or loose debris would cause your new rollers can’t work very well. Furthermore, these dirt lead the door refuse to glide.

Step 1: You could try to use a vacuum and some soapy water. First, use a vacuum clean the dust and particles in the track.
Step 2: crub them with wire brush and warm soapy water. If there are some stubborn dirt, you could mix the white vinegar with cold water in equal parts and use the mixed liquid to clean this stubborn dirt.

Summary Step

●Unscrew and remove both aluminum stiles of the moving panel

●Lift the door and let your assist slide the bottom rail over, so as to access the roller screw.

●Unscrew the roller, then remove it

●Replace the roller

●Repeat the third step on the other side to access the roller screw

●Put Door back together

●Adjust rollers make place the door sits squarely in the frame

Detail Step

●Step 1: Unscrew the stiles(side components of an aluminum frame, so as to have an access to remove the rollers on the sliding panel.

●Step 2: Once the stiles are unscrewed, use a block of wood stuck in the middle of the frame, then use a hammer to gently knock the block of wood. This operation should both implement in the top and bottom of the door and don’t stop until the stile comes off.
Notice: you should leave the glass edge in the rubber boot.

●Step 3: Repeat the above operation on the other side. In this step, you should remain the rails on the sliding panel.

●Step 4: Place a 3 or 4-inch wide wood block against the bottom rail and gently knock with a hammer to nudge it along the track, and make it independent of the glass, aiming to expose a screw hole on top of the bottom rail to remove the roller. In this step, a few inches of movement is enough.

●Step 5: Use a screwdriver to remove the screw in the top of the rail which holds the roller in place

●Step 6: Use a hook tool, needle-nosed pliers, or a bent hanger to pull out the roller.

●Step 7: Before installing new rollers, you need to adjust them as low as possible. (make sure the panel is low in door, rather than be high) Then, you need to adjust the rollers via an adjustment screw on side of the roller body.

●Step 8: It’s time to install a new roller. Insert it into the side of the bottom rail, wheel it down, and slide it into panel until screw hole in the roller is lined up with screw hole in the panel. Screw-in place through top of the bottom rail.
●Step 9: Lift the panel again, and slide the rail back in the opposite direction. Then, repeat steps 6-8 on the other side.

●Step 10: Center on the glass panel, lift the glass panel again and place the slide bottom rail back into the original position.

●Step 11: Use the handle of the hammer to hammer a block of wood to make the stiles back into their original place. Do not directly use a hammer to hammer the stiles. The head of the hammer would dent the frame.

●Step 12: Reinstall the screws in each top and bottom of the stile.

●Step 13: Adjust the rollers to the right height. Use a pry bar to lift the panel, insert the screwdriver into the adjustment hole, rotate the screw to raise and lower the panel to make sure both sides of the panels are equal.

●Step 14: Check whether the door and the lock can work well or not. If they are not, we should make further adjustments until the door is in the right position.


How Can I Make My Sliding Door Slide Better?

The rollers are new. But what can I do to maintain the great working of the rollers and make my sliding door better? Here are two suggestions to help you make your door slide better.

Lubricate the Sliding Glass Doors' Track

If your doors are new, but the door can not work smoothly. The lubricant is a great option to make the rollers roll smoothly.

STEP 1: Choose the Right Lubricant

The WD-40 or a silicone-based lubricant is a necessity that makes sure the long-term normal use of the residential aluminum sliding door. Compared with a other silicone-based lubricant, WD-40 may not ctreate pretty irritant gas.

STEP 2: Adjustment

After we spray the lubricant on the track, we should open and off the door several times ensure the lubricant fully cover the essential parts of the door.

Regular Cleaning

As above mentioned, the dirt and loose debris would directly affect the normal working of the sliding door, not to mention the large aluminum sliding doors or automatic aluminum sliding doors.

STEP 1: Clean the Sliding Door Trail

Sliding door tracks are often overlooked during the cleaning process, but they tend to collect the most dirt and grime, thus affecting the function of the door.
Therefore, we need to clean the track of the aluminum sliding doors to ensure the door can slide easily. In order for your sliding door guide to getting a good cleaning, you need the following materials:

●Frameless glass door tracks
●Lubricating grease
●Terry cloth towel

Wiping down the tracks with a lightly greased cloth is usually enough for a sliding glass door to run smoothly. After removing the door and completely cleaning the tracks, you need to apply a small amount of lubrication to them and then put the door back in place. Then you slide the door a few times to make sure the lubricant covers all the wheels and tracks.

STEP 2: Clean the Glass Surface

After cleaning the rails, it’s time to clean the actual glass. In this step, you need to prepare the following materials: foam sponge, clean cloths, paper towels, glass cleaning solution, squeegee, water, and soap.
Here are the detailed steps to clean the glass:
●Soak a clean cloth in soapy water, then wet the entire glass surface on both sides of the door with it, then let it sit for a few minutes to remove stubborn dirt.

●Wipe the soap and aqueous solution from top to bottom with a clean cloth or paper towel.

●Using a new cloth, foam sponge, or any other mild applicator, apply glass cleaner solution to both sides of the door.

●Once the entire glass is covered with a cleaning solution, wipe it clean immediately with a suction scraper to prevent streaks or spots.

STEP 3: Disinfect the Hardware

The handles in the door are the heavily used parts that usually hide the germs, smears, and smudges. Therefore, you can not neglect the hardware parts.


As the old sayings go, a good horse is well saddled. The rollers are the saddle of the Sliding Glass Door. Therefore, when we replace the roller, we should be more careful, suggestion from DEJI, a professional aluminum door supplier who sells top quality and cheap aluminum sliding doors to the global market.
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